Patty Salier's True Identity

“hybrid” (Oxford Dictionary)  1. of mixed character; 2. composed of mixed parts

My eclectic experiences derive from residing in diverse environments — vibrant, pulsating, crowded New York City, and mellow, open-spaces, freeway-designed Los Angeles

I’ve spread my writing between multiple genres – magazines, scripts, books, t.v. cartoons

I hide behind pseudonyms  – -  Patricia Bury, Sita Butler, Sue Brandon

Being completely alone is a creative necessity for me.
I emotionally die without my family near me.

I’m compelled to write, as food and water are essential for my physical survival.
If I could be forever released from my fierce scribing compulsion, I’d be set totally free, like a sleek speedboat cutting and bouncing over ocean waves.

Member of Published Writers’ Organizations:

  • American Society of Journalists and Authors
  • Novelists, Inc.
  • Independent Writers of Southern California
  • Published Authors Network/Romance Writers of America