The Sex Test

What if you were asked to do a Sex Text questionnaire with the most desirable man you’ve ever met?

That’s what Professor Rachel Smith did, except she did the taboo…fell in love with her respondee, entrepreneur Zane Farrell.  However, her respondee wasn’t actually entrepreneur Zane Farrell. In reality, down-to-earth Johnny Wells was answering her intimate Sex Test questions for Zane Farrell, whom he worked for while Farrell was out of town.  It was just a fun game to Johnny, until he began falling hard for Rachel.  But Johnny knew, once she discovered his true identity, the forever promises made in the heat of passion would all be broken.

Cover for "Non-Refundable Groom"

Non-Refundable Groom

How high will your expectations be if you meet a super cool, sexy guy on a dating website that guarantees marriage?

Elena Martin thought she won the lottery when the dating website that guaranteed marriage paired her with handsome businessman Garrett Sims, who was just the type of guy she’d dreamed of being with.  But Garrett Sims had no intention of relationship commitment.  He joined the dating site as a favor to a family member.  Yet, he finds himself intensely attracted to Elena Martin.  Now what does a non-marrying type of guy do?

Cover for "The Love Twin"

The Love Twin

What if you met a hot old flame of your identical twin sister who thought you were her?

Jarrid Browning believed he’d gotten over the woman who jilted him, but now she was standing right in front of him. Seeing her again ignited his still-smoldering desire for her, and he vowed to never lose her again.  But the woman Jarrid thought was his old flame was really her identical twin, Becky Lawson.  And the usually shy Becky, who was asked by her twin sister to temporarily play her to get Jarrid back, suddenly fell hard for Jarrid herself.  But how could Becky convince him that she was the woman he truly wanted, not her twin sister, when he discovered her charade?

Cover the "The Honeymoon House"

The Honeymoon House

What if you had to temporarily live with your co-worker who was the sexiest guy alive but definitely not right for you?

Architect, Danielle Ford, was forced to temporarily live in a work trailer with the arrogant and sexy general contractor, Paul Richards, while working on a honeymoon house they were hired to complete.  To Danielle, Paul was definitely not the man she dreamed of being in a committed relationship with.  However, although Paul Richards had never been a forever kind of guy, now that Danielle decided he wasn’t Mr. Right, he was going to enjoy showing her how wrong she was.